Nestled in lush greenery is an open-air swimming pool.

Built by local volunteers in 1940.

Season 2023: 

Föreningen Eljarödsbadet is a non-profit organisation.
In co-operation with Tomelilla municipality, we run the swimming facility each summer.

Price list 2023:

NOTE! We no longer accept cash in the kiosk. Only cards and Swish. 

Children, 0-5 years 

Entry: 6 kr    Entire season: 68 kr  

Youth, 6-16 years         
Entry: 28 kr  Entire season: 285 kr

Entry: 40 kr  Entire season: 400 kr

Not swimming, in the company of children up to 10 years
Entry: 13 kr  Entire season: 136 kr

Also this year, Sparbanken Skåne has an offer for all their customers that gives a 50% discount on season tickets if you pay with a bank card from them. 

Season tickets are also valid at Välabadet, Spjutstorpsbadet and Smedstorpsbadet.

During evening swim Wednesdays, season tickets do not apply. Then you must either be a member of "Föreningen Eljarödsbadet" or pay for  corresponding day ticket.

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 10.00-18.00
Saturdays and Sundays: 11.00-16.00

14/8-18/8: 13.00-18.00

Morning swim Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Wednesdays open in the evening:

30 minutes before closing, everyone must get out of the pool.

Visiting information

Getting here

By car or bike

The facility is located in Eljaröd near the church. If you come from route 19, you turn towards Eljaröd. After about 100 metres, the car park is on the right.

Public transport

SkåneExpressen No.4 stops approx. 200 meters from Eljarödsbadet. The name of the bus stop is "Eljaröd väg 19 Nyhem". Buses running between Kristianstad and Ystad. Visit for more information.

Eljarödsbadet, 273 56 Brösarp


55.698447565420835 14.037979280524711

Questions and answers prior to your visit

Do you have a kiosk?

Oh yes! We have a large selection of GB and OTTO ice cream, drinks from Kivik's, coffee, tea and mineral water. For those who are hungry, there is toast with cheese or cheese/ham (plain/sourdough/gluten-free). We also sell swimming badges, swimming goggles and swimming nappies. ATTENTION! We no longer accept cash. Swish or card only.

How warm is the pool?

The water is heated by a large heat pump, but even so the temperature changes depending on the weather. Normally it´s between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

How long is the pool?
We have a 25-meter L-shaped pool and a paddling pool for the smallest children.

Where do I buy entry tickets?
You do that at the kiosk.

Do I have to pay entry fee if I just want to buy ice cream at the kiosk?
No, if you're not swimming but just shopping at the kiosk, you don't have to pay an entrance fee.

Are there changing rooms?
Yes there are separate changing rooms for men and women with two showers each. Remember that you must always shower before jumping in the pool!

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs must stay outside the gates. There is a large grassy area with trees that provide shade.

Is there space for recreational swimmers?
Yes. One long side of the 25-meter pool is normally set aside for recreational swimming. If you need more space, it can be smart to come when the weather is poor. If you swim for exercise, the weather may not matter anyway.

Is the bathroom disabled-friendly?
Yes, there is a toilet accessible for disabled with a separate shower. There is also a lift into the pool. Ask the lifeguards and they will help. There are no stairs or similar obstacles between the car park and the facility.

Do you have a jumping tower or trampoline?

Unfortunately, no.

How do I register my child for the summer swimming school?
The municipality manages the swimming school. Go to and search for "simskola".

Is there any point in visiting when it's rainy and windy?
Absolutely! The water is heated and the trees around the pool protect from wind. The kiosk offers hot coffee and toast. The exception is in the case of lightning. Then no one is allowed in the pool.

Is there anything else to do besides swimming?
Yes, in the kiosk you can borrow badminton sets, blocks and boules. There is a pétanque court right outside the pool which is free to borrow.

Who runs the facility?
Tomelilla municipality together with us in Föreningen Eljarödsbadet. We are responsible for the kiosk, cleaning, maintenance of  green areas and more. The municipality is responsible for the lifeguards, the pool, swimming school, water quality, buildings, entry fees and opening hours.

Can I swim outside opening hours?
No, it´s not allowed. Outside opening hours, there is no one who can guarantee safety and order. The municipality has hired a security company that looks after the bath from time to time during the evenings and nights. But please visit our evening swim Wednesday evenings.


You won't find that here.

Visit our group page on Facebook instead! (In swedish)
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About us

In 1940, the residents of Eljaröd gathered for the grand opening of the new swimming pool. It had been built by the villagers themselves with manual labor and contributions from people in the area. 80 years later there was again a gathering in Eljaröd. Tomelilla municipality had decided that they would not invest more money in the bath. So "Föreningen Eljarödsbadet" was formed to fight for the survival of the bath.